ACEL Energy announce major BESS project in Ireland.

ACEL Energy are thrilled to announce the launch of one of Ireland’s largest C&I Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS), seamlessly integrated with on-site solar PV that enables businesses to generate energy on-site, store the energy and use it in times of high demands or peak rates.

ACEL Energy is a renewable energy solutions company offering tailored renewable services such as solar, battery storage and energy management through a co-ownership model, allowing its clients to transition to more sustainable practices without investing their capital.

“The project we’ve just announced, is built upon the foundation of ACEL Energy teams experience in the energy sector. We are delighted to work on the development of a bespoke BESS unit – Battery Energy Storage Solution for our client which will integrate the on-site solar with back-up generator and grid import.”

Said Barry Sherry, CEO.

BESS allows the client to store low-cost solar energy and discharge it when the cost of electricity is expensive. In doing so, it allows businesses to avoid higher tariff charges, reduce operational costs and save on their electricity bills.

We are excited to see how this project will enhance the user experience in various applications of the monitoring platform.

Our client was in a situation whereby their business was generating solar energy on-site but they were unable to store it. This meant they had to use it or lose it. Our client wanted to become less dependent on the grid and wanted to be able to store excess energy on-site.

Our client approached us and asked us to design a bespoke an on-site integrated energy solution combining on-site solar, back-up generator and grid import. We designed a Battery Energy Storage Solution (BESS) that has a 600kWhr battery that maximised storage and offers greater flexibility to the client in relation to storing excess energy that has been generated on-site. Our BESS enables clients to maximise their renewable energy usage, resulting in zero export to the grid along with contributing to achieve net zero carbon, our BESS is an essential technology for Commercial & Industrial organisations.

“This project is rewarding from an engineering perspective in providing a customised solution that combines all technologies on-site. The sun is not always ‘on’ in Ireland.  A battery storage system works round the clock and therefore compensates for any fluctuations in solar energy supply by storing any excess energy and maximise renewable energy generation. Implementing our own energy platform with the use of AI will allow us to better understand energy patterns and how renewable energy generation shall maximised through usage and storage”.

Declan McDonald, Director of Operations added,

Battery storage can improve the reliability, availability, and efficiency of the power supply

  • BESS solutions can accelerate decentralised power station infrastructure which can add value to commercial and utility-scale power generation models
  • Battery storage has no significant restriction on the geographical locations that it can be sited in. Storage technologies such as pumped hydro and compressed air are only suitable for a limited number of places
  • High energy density (resulting in reduced footprint) and fast response time (<150ms achievable)

This allows the BESS unit to be charged at optimal times throughout a 24hour period thus reducing reliance on the grid import during peak times.

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