Battery Storage Solutions

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Incorporating cutting-edge battery storage solutions from ACEL Energy can revolutionise the way you harness energy from your solar PV system. Battery storage technology empowers businesses to maximize their solar PV system’s output, significantly boosting self-consumption rates. This not only reduces the dependency on grid electricity but also leads to substantial operational cost savings.

Minimise Reliance on the Grid:
Our battery systems are designed to store excess power generated by on-site renewable energy sources, like your solar PV system. This surplus energy becomes readily available for consumption during evening or nighttime or when your operations require it.

Futureproofing Building ACEL Energy’s battery solutions can cater to a wide range of applications. Their adaptability means that they are ideal for charging industrial appliances on both large and small-scale projects.

By adopting ACEL Energy’s battery storage solutions, you not only decrease your environmental impact but also secure a sustainable and economically efficient energy future.

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