Solar Photovoltaics

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ACEL Energy has vast expertise in assisting businesses regarding Solar Photovoltaic (PV) technology, a solution which offers sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for generating electricity. Among the key benefits associated with Solar PV:

Reducing CO2 Emissions:

One of the most significant benefits of Solar PV is its contribution to reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. By generating electricity from sunlight, businesses can significantly decrease their carbon footprint, aligning with their companys sustainability and environmental goals.

Futureproofing Your Energy Price:

Solar PV provides a level of energy independence by generating electricity on-site. This reduces reliance on traditional energy sources and helps businesses stabilise their energy costs over time, mitigating the impact of price fluctuations

Sustainable Development Goals:

Solar PV aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which encompass various aspects of sustainable development, including clean energy production, climate action, and responsible consumption. Solar PV contributes to these objectives by promoting clean and renewable energy sources.

What We offer


A rooftop solar PV systems harnesses the power of sunlight to generate electricity, making efficient use of previously unused roof space. By installing solar panels on rooftops, businesses can take advantage of available real estate to produce clean energy.

Ground mount:

A ground mount solar offers a cost-effective and reliable solution for businesses aiming to maximise their renewable energy capacity. They avoid roof-related constraints, have flexibility in system design, and can expand as needed, making them a practical choice for businesses with ample available land.

Solar Façade:

Opting for a solar facade offers both aesthetic and space-saving advantages. Solar facades integrate seamlessly into building design while also enhancing visual appeal. They also maximise energy generation potential, especially for businesses with limited rooftop space while still maintaining architectural harmony.

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