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BESS - Battery Energy Storage Solution

One of Ireland's largest C&I Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS), seamlessly integrated with on-site solar PV that enables businesses to generate energy on-site, store the energy and use it in times of high demands or peak rates.

About ACEL Energy

ACEL Energy is one of Ireland’s leading providers in renewable energy that are accelerating the transformation towards green energy across the Commercial Industrial sector. Paving the way for a greener future, we are a frontrunner in the industry and are committed to pushing the boundaries to refine the possibilities of renewable resources. 

Innovators in the industry, ACEL Energy are delivering ground-breaking technology that enables commercial industrial businesses to generate, store and use renewable energy on-site, off the grid. 

From Q2 2023. we have been working behind the scenes at a site in Co. Monaghan where we installed one of Ireland’s first solar panel installations. Accompanying this installation is an on-site Battery Energy Storage Solution that enables the site to generate, store and use renewable energy on site in times of high demand and peak times.

Battery Energy Storage Solution Project

This project combines Commercial scale solar with BESS which is unique in the Irish context. This solution enables greater utilisation of solar, generated on-site, to be either used directly or stored in our battery for use at a later stage, generally when solar generation is not as prominent.

Using a 150kW/600kWhr battery, this enables our client to go off the grid for up to four hours as the battery can store enough energy to serve the load time on-site.

We have developed our own energy monitoring platform that has built-in AI that can predict the solar energy generation. This technology enables the BESS unit to be charged at optimal times throughout a 24-hour period, therefore, reducing reliance on the grid import during peak times.

As grid dependence is increasing for business across all networks, providing alternative solutions such as our BESS is key to a more progressive and sustainable grid.

Smart meters, Time of Use (ToU) Tariffs and smart grids will be core to a new grid and providing businesses with energy security through on-site storage.

The Benefits

Clean On-Site Energy

Creating energy arbitrage over periods where energy rates and demands are high, you can generate your own energy that can be used off the grid during times of high-demand.

Uninterrupted Green Energy

There is zero disruption to power. Should there be a loss of power onsite, power will come from the battery. When the power is restored, you can change back to the grid.
Programme it your way.


We manage the installation process from start to finish keeping you informed in all aspects of the project.
Our co-funded model enables a cost effective approach for our clients.

Protects the Environment

By installing a Battery Energy Storage Solution (BESS) that is powered by renewable energy such as solar and wind. This will lead to the reduction of carbon emissions and help achieve net zero.

Project Timeline

We were awarded the contract in Q2 2023 and the project started very soon afterwards. Over a period of six months, we vetted suppliers and worked with the selected vendor as well as the grid operator on the design of the unit to the Irish network.

The BESS unit was installed in Q4 of 2023 and during a period of testing on-site and commissioning we are pleased to announce it is now connected to the grid and fully-operational.

We look forward to using the ACEL Energy platform to manage the sites energy requirements as well as predict the solar generation to allow the BESS to be charged optimally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BSS) are independent energy systems that generate and store renewable energy, off the grid. This on-site renewable energy system allows you to use the on-site generated energy in times of high demand, high rates or energy outage. 

Each battery will vary in size depending on the project specifics. The current battery footprint is similar to a 20ft container (~6.6m x 2.6m).

You don’t need to worry about a thing! ACEL Energy manage the installation process from start to finish. We look after the design, installation and commissioning of the system, all while keeping the client involved in all aspects. 

All our batteries come with a 10 year warranty. On average, it takes 7 years to see a return on your investment.

There are several ways in which a battery makes financial sense –

  • Grid Balancing – charging a battery during off-peak times and using it during peak times – energy arbitrage.
  • System Services – obtaining a revenue stream through providing system services.
  • Energy security – delay / unable to get an adequate connection to serve your business. Generate your own renewable energy and store for your on use.

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Interested in our Battery Energy Storage Solution?

By adopting BESS, it can provide a vital pathway in the transition to green energy and accelerate your journey towards Net Zero.

  • Improve reliability, availability and efficiency of the power supply.
  • Accelerate decentralised power station infrastructure that can add value to commercial & utility scale power generation models.
  • High energy density resulting in reduced footprint and a fast response time (<150ms).

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