What is a Battery Energy Storage Solution (BESS)?

Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS) are independent energy systems that generate and store renewable energy, off the grid. This on-site renewable energy system allows you to use the on-site generated energy in times of high demand, peak rates or energy outage. 

We’ve learned from speaking to experts in the industry and commercial industrial business owners that many companies are facing problems with energy access & supply.

New data from the Aurora Energy Research has estimated a sevenfold increase in large-scale battery energy storage systems (BESS) capacity across Europe, identifying Ireland as a stand-out market.

Many countries are recognising how effective the BESS is and are embracing & adapting this change with

“Europe is on the brink of a significant surge in grid-scale battery energy storage, with projections indicating a sevenfold increase in capacity by 2030.”

says Aurora¹.

By adopting BESS, it can provide a vital pathway in the transition to green energy and accelerate your journey towards net zero.

  • Battery storage can improve the reliability, availability, and efficiency of the power supply
  • BESS solutions can accelerate decentralised power station infrastructure which can add value to commercial and utility-scale power generation models
  • Battery storage has no significant restriction on the geographical locations that it can be sited in. Storage technologies such as pumped hydro and compressed air are only suitable for a limited number of places
  • High energy density (resulting in reduced footprint) and fast response time (<150ms achievable)

¹ Learn more about the Aurora Energy Research

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